13 Easy Ways To Fix The Black Screen Of Death On LG TVs

Don’t freak out if your LG TV has a black screen! This issue is actually quite typical, and there are a number of simple solutions available. In this blog post, we’ll look at 13 of the best fixes for restoring the normal operation of your LG TV. Continue reading to find out how to fix your LG TV’s dreaded “black screen of death”!

Turn Off The Television And Unplug It From The Wall Outlet

Turning off the TV and unplugging it from the wall outlet are the first steps in troubleshooting a black screen issue on an LG TV. This will make sure that the TV has completely lost all power, enabling you to correctly identify the problem and take the appropriate action to fix it. Make sure the plug is completely unplugged from the wall outlet because leaving it partially connected can lead to more problems.

Press And Hold The Power Button On The TV For 30 Seconds.

One of the most straightforward fixes for a black screen on an LG TV is to press and hold the power button for 30 seconds. By doing so, the TV will have a chance to reset and perhaps resolve the problem. Before you start this step, you must unplug the TV from the wall outlet. After doing this, hold down the power button on the TV for 30 seconds before plugging it back in. Turn it back on after that to see if the problem has been fixed. Try one of the other solutions in this article if it hasn’t already.

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While The TV Is Unplugged, Press And Hold The Power Button On The TV For 5 Seconds.

One of the initial steps to take if your LG TV is showing a black screen is to press and hold the power button on the TV while it is unplugged from the wall outlet. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds before letting go. Resetting the power settings will assist in solving the problem. There are several other actions you can take to try and fix the problem if this does not work.

Plug The TV Back Into The Outlet And Turn It On.

Once you have unplugged the TV from the wall outlet, plug it back in and turn it on. Make sure the power cord is securely plugged into the outlet and into the TV. Press and hold the power button on the TV until it turns on. Check if the black screen issue is resolved. If it isn’t, proceed to the next step.

Check If The Issue Is Resolved

Once you have followed the steps listed above, you should check to see if the black screen issue has been resolved. To do this, press and hold the power button on your LG TV for a few seconds and then release it. If your TV turns on, then the issue has been resolved. If the screen remains black, then you may need to try one of the other solutions outlined in this article.

Update The Firmware On Your LG TV

Updating the firmware on your LG TV can be a great way to fix a black screen issue. The process is relatively simple and straightforward and can be done in a few easy steps.

First, you will need to find the latest version of the firmware for your model LG TV. You can usually find this information online or on the manufacturer’s website. Once you have the file, download it to your computer and save it to a USB drive.

Next, plug the USB drive into your LG TV and navigate to the “Software Update” section in the settings menu. Here, you should see an option to install the new firmware version. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process.

Once the firmware has been successfully installed, restart your LG TV. This should fix any black screen issues that you are experiencing. It’s important to note that updating your firmware could potentially cause other issues, so make sure that you understand the risks before proceeding.

Perform A Factory Reset On Your LG TV

If you’re having trouble with your LG TV and have tried all other troubleshooting steps, it may be time to perform a factory reset. This will reset the TV back to its original settings, which may solve any underlying issues causing the black screen of death.

To perform a factory reset on your LG TV:

  1. Turn off the TV and unplug it from the wall outlet.
  2.  When you unplug the TV, press and hold the power button on the TV for 5 seconds.
  3. Plug the TV back into the outlet and turn it on.
  4. Using the remote control, navigate to the “Settings” menu.
  5. Select “General” and then select “Factory Reset”.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset process.

Once the reset is complete, your LG TV should start up normally and you should no longer experience the black screen of death.

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Replace The Power Supply Board

If your LG TV still has a black screen after trying all of the above solutions, you may need to replace the power supply board. This can be a complex procedure, so it’s best to contact a TV repair technician to do this for you.

Before attempting this, make sure that the power supply board is the actual source of the problem. To test this, you can try removing the power supply board and connecting the main board directly to the AC outlet. If the problem persists, then the power supply board may indeed be the cause and needs to be replaced. When replacing the power supply board, make sure to get an original replacement from the manufacturer to ensure compatibility with your TV.

Replace The Main Board

Replacing the main board of your LG TV is a more complex solution to fixing the black screen of death issue. The main board contains many of the key components of your TV and it may be necessary to replace it in order to get your TV up and running again. Before attempting to replace the main board, make sure that all other potential solutions have been exhausted.

Replacing the main board requires you to purchase the appropriate part from an electronics store or online retailer and then open up the TV in order to physically replace the board. This should only be done by an experienced technician or someone who is comfortable working with electrical components. Once the main board is replaced, reassemble the TV and turn it on to see if the issue is resolved.

Replace The Backlight Inverter Board

If the issue still persists, you may need to replace the backlight inverter board. This is a delicate process and should only be done by a trained professional. To replace the backlight inverter board, you will need to remove the television casing and locate the board. The board is responsible for supplying power to the backlight of the LCD panel.

Once you have located the board, disconnect any cables or connectors that are attached to it, and then carefully remove the board from the television. Replace it with a new one, making sure to reconnect all cables and connectors securely. Once the new board is installed, power up the TV and see if the issue is resolved. If not, contact a qualified repair technician for further assistance.

Replace The LCD Panel

If all of the previous steps have failed to resolve the black screen issue on your LG TV, you may need to replace the LCD panel. This process is more complicated than the other steps, and it should only be done by a qualified technician.

Before starting, you will need to purchase a compatible LCD panel. You can find a list of compatible panels for your LG TV on their website or through an authorized dealer. Once you have the panel, you can begin the replacement process.

First, unplug the TV from the wall and remove the back cover. You may need to use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the back cover in place.

Next, remove all the cables connected to the main board, including the power supply and video cables. Carefully remove the LCD panel from its mounting bracket.

You will then need to connect the new LCD panel to the main board. Make sure that all connections are secure and there are no loose wires. After reconnecting all the cables, reattach the back cover and plug in the TV.

Finally, turn on the TV and test if the black screen issue has been resolved. If it has not, you may need to contact a qualified technician for further assistance.

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Contact LG Customer Service

If the above steps did not resolve the issue with your LG TV, it is best to contact customer service. They will be able to provide further guidance and possibly even offer to repair or replace your LG TV if necessary.

To contact LG customer service, you can either call them directly or go to their website. When calling LG customer service, you will need to have the serial number of your TV ready so they can quickly identify and assist you. Maybe you have to give additional information such as proof of purchase.

Alternatively, you can visit their website and fill out a form with your query. Make sure to provide as much detail as possible, including the model and serial number of your TV, and any other relevant information that could help diagnose the problem.

LG customer service will respond as soon as possible, either via phone or email. They will then provide further guidance on how to fix the issue or book a repair appointment if needed.

Contact A TV Repair Technician

If none of the above solutions have worked and your LG TV is still displaying a black screen, it may be time to call a professional. A qualified TV repair technician can diagnose and fix any issues with your television, ensuring that you get back to enjoying your favorite shows in no time.

To find a technician, search online for reviews of local technicians, or ask friends and family for recommendations. Once you’ve found a qualified technician, explain the issue with your LG TV and request an estimate for repair. Make sure you are comfortable with the cost before agreeing to any work.

Last Words

When dealing with a black screen of death on an LG TV, it is important to remain calm and take the appropriate steps to fix the issue. Turning off the TV, unplugging it from the wall outlet, and then pressing and holding the power button can often resolve this issue.

If that doesn’t work, it may be necessary to update the firmware, perform a factory reset, or even replace parts such as the power supply board, main board, backlight inverter board, or LCD panel. As a last resort, contact LG customer service or hire a TV repair technician. With the right approach and some patience, your LG TV should be up and running in no time.

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