Android 12-How To Change Lock Screen Clock?

The Android screen lock has been a big issue for some users all throughout the world. Google solved the problem for all unsatisfied users to bring up options for them so that they may particularly and all users commonly change the Lock Screen Clock on their Android 12. 

The Android update gives the masses an opportunity to switch to the other themes of their wall clocks when they are bored of the colossal clock blinking on the screen all the time.

So here, we are going to tell you the possible methodologies to change the Lock screen clock in Android 12. You can pick one to save your phone from expressing a big two-line split clock on the screen. 

Let’s start to give you an easy hand so that you can have the best solutions ever. Make sure to read till the end so that you can have the easiest and most applicable one for yourself.

Furthermore, there is a possibility that you can have a whole understanding of the problem and get the self-generated multiple elucidations regarding them.

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Methods To Change Lock Screen Clock In Android 12

There may be many solutions on the internet today to change the lock screen big clock but you will see not all of those are either applicable. Some are basically fake and some are literally absurd. But the keys explained here are very authentic and the experts have tested them as well. So blindly pick the method you liked and apply it to your device. 

There is a total of Four  methods; you can try any one of them:

  1. Keeping some Unread Notifications
  2. Turning On your Screen Saver
  3. Switching Off AOD in settings
  4. Changing the Lock Screen Wallpaper of the Android 12 

Now, get into the depth of the solutions mentioned above and conceive them very well.

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Keeping Some Unread Notifications On Change Lock Screen Clock

We all know that unread notifications are the barriers that are responsible for keeping the huge clock shrunk on a corner.  So the very simple solution to always prevent the big clock on the lock screen display is to have unread notifications all the time.

One method is to install an app that gives you periodic notifications all day long but this may sound annoying. The second method is to have some unread notifications on the screen such that you do not swipe their way and this upcoming notification will always be there to display for a short tiny time.

Turning On Your Screen Saver 

This is the most suitable method out of all the solutions we listed here. Well, there may be some screen savers that give you a tough time and they do not make the screen clock smaller. But most of them certainly work. 

There is a step-by-step guide to having the small screen clocks on your Android 12 lock screen. Let’s see what it is.

  1. Open the phone settings on your Android 12. 
  2. Scroll down till you see the option “Display”. 
  3. Look up the “screen saver” on the list of the display.
  4. You will see a toggle tab right next to it.
  5. Tap it so that you may turn on the screen saver.

Remember that the Android screen saver is always taking some energy. Suppose the phone’s battery is dropping pathetically; therefore the screen saver will automatically shut the OS. however, if you have enough energy for your phone, you see there will be no shutdown ever.

Switching Off AOD ( Always On Display) In Settings

There are many display features on the lock screen that a user can restrict to switch off forever. The display settings have the accessibility to time, date, alarm, weather, and notifications on the lock screen. Get it off and you see there is no display on the lock screen.

  1. Follow the step-by-step guide to go through the whole issue:
  2. Open the phone’s settings and again move into the display.
  3. Click the lock screen option and search the AOD toggle bar in the list. 
  4. Tap over this to switch it off.

The problem is resolved!

Changing The Lock Screen Wallpaper Of The Android 12

This solution helps you have our screen lock clock smaller by changing wallpapers or putting albums on the lock screen.  To change the Lock screen clock on Android 12, you  will have  to follow up on the following set of instructions:

  1. Open the phone’s settings and move into the display.
  2. Click the screen saver tab and then tap the current screen saver options.
  3. Select “photos” and then pick the photos from your gallery you will like to have as the lock screen wallpaper album
  4. Now, there is no Big screen clock but very sequential changing wallpapers that help you get rid of the old big clock display on Android 12.

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Do I need an internet connection to change the lock screen clock through the above methods?

No, you don’t. All the methods are just the innate settings of the phone so you don’t need to have internet for this.

What if my phone switches off continuously by choosing a screen saver to change the lock screen clock on Android 12?

This happens rarely. But if it is, you should download a battery-saving app onto your phone or you can just pick other solutions.


So this was all about “How to change the Lock screen clock in Android 12”. Spend a few minutes reading this article and then fix the trouble forever. Therefore, you can send us feedback in the comments if you try any of these solutions and we will appreciate your suggestions.

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