How To Reset The Spectrum WIFI Router Password?

If you find yourself wondering, “How To Reset The Spectrum WIFI Router Password?” worry not, the Router Spectrum WIFI users often find themselves in a whirl when they don’t know why their WIFI despite all the featured requirements is so indolent. No hardware and technical issues and still the 2000mbps speed acts like one-eighth? Confusing situation! Actually, users rarely check the root of the issue related to their Spectrum WIFI Router, So let’s check How to reset the Spectrum WIFI Router password? (Opens in a new browser tab)

Also, you wonder how the WIFI efficiency reduced gradually since the time you first installed it in your building (home or workplace). But have you ever considered the number of devices that had been connected to your Spectrum WIFI Router, unnoticed?  

Think of the numerous guest devices running on your Router that may have borrowed your password either from your neighbors or from your friends. Plus there are some evil-minded teenagers who steal the WIFI key in order to use the free internet secretly as a parasite.

Speaking of cyber criminal activities, your Spectrum Router is always susceptible to being one until you carry out some precautionary measures before one gets injected into your network.

So the topmost one is to secure your WIFI by changing the key after regular intervals so that none could have illegal, extraneous, or unauthorized access to your network. Plus there would be many folds minimized speed obstructions in your network speed. So let’s see how one could change the key on his/her Spectrum Router in easy steps. pens in a new browser tab)

How Can One Check Spectrum WIFI Router Password?

To have the key changed, first, you need to view the details of the WIFI you are using. Sometimes you may have entered more than one WIFI connection to your device and the internet manager picks the one that is the most suitable for you. So go to the control panel and internet sharing center and see the WIFI properties and IP address.

Each device has a different couple of steps to open up the WIFI details. Use any of the following depending on the type of device you have:

On Windows 10

To open up the WIFI details and properties on Windows is quite easy. Follow up on the instructions given:

  1. On the taskbar of the home screen, you see the small WIFI icon in the corner.
  2. Click on the icon and there will be the dialogue box that shows the WIFI connections available to your device.
  3. Click the one that is on your top, and this is the one that is connected actually to your device. You can see a small box showing “ Disconnect” below that. 
  4. Open the WIFI properties by double clicking the underlines “ PROPERTIES” option. 
  5. This will open a tab for you that contains the data regarding the WIFI you are connected to. For example; the speed, network profile, random connection, and IP address settings. (Opens in a new browser tab)

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On iOS

Using iOS, open up the same WIFI tab. Go to the WIFI name you are connected to previously. Tap the name and this will open to you the details you were looking for, 

Check out the properties and verify the network whose key you are intending to alter now.

Changing Spectrum WIFI Router Password In One Step

So there are three ways to proceed in distinct steps for each:

Using The Spectrum Router’s ID

When you unbox a new Spectrum Router, you see the backside of the device has been jotted up with lots of information chunks. These are the IP Address, WIFI SSIDs, and the other serial numbers you are nothing to do with. Follow up on the steps to change the Password of your own internet ( WIFI ) supply:

  1. Refresh your device and disconnect all the hardware Ethernet devices or cables if you had attached them.
  2. Pick the modem’s cable and connect it to your device. 
  3. Then you have to enter your Graphical User Interface (GUI) using Chrome or any other web browser on your device. For this, you may copy and paste the address:  or simply search the one manually.
  4. Type the web default user name in the search bar.
  5. Enter the password they are asking for; (written on the Router device)
  6. Open the Access Control and click the “ users” tab, making sure you have the user name “ ADMIN”.
  7. Now enter the pre-shared key or the old password, and reset it by entering the new one step by step. (Opens in a new browser tab)

Using The Spectrum Online Portal

Every Spectrum user holds an online ID to sort out all the issues related to Spectrum including the passwords. Follow up on the address given below:

  1. Open the browser and in the browser address bar type This will open up the official Spectrum portal for you.
  2. Type the username plus password or create the one by signing in and making an entry into it. 
  3. Look up “services” and click it. Choose the “Internet” options in the services bar. 
  4. Here you are to enter a username and the changed password. Save the changes and log out.
  5. It’s All Done!

Using The Spectrum App To Change Spectrum WIFI Router Password

  1. Install the My Spectrum App on your phone and then log in or sign up using your ID.
  2. Open the “ services”  tab and go to the Router’s settings. In the sub-options, see the “ View and Edit info” and there you have the doorway to check the security password you had and enter the Network name and related password and save to finish.

Testing Spectrum WIFI Router Password Or Router Change

After you follow the steps to change the key, you must check whether it worked or not. So you have an easy method to do this as well. Take any other device in your home that you didn’t use while resetting the password and you will see there will be no WIFI connected to it. Open the WIFI settings, select the one with your name, and then re-enter the key you just set.

In a similar way, you have to re-enter the new password on every device you want to give Internet access. Hence, you may also know which of the devices were using the internet pre-shared key. (Opens in a new browser tab)

Restrain The Number Of Users On Spectrum WIFI Router Password

Yes of course. For this, you need to open up the Spectrum App and then tap SERVICES. Then go to “ Manage Devices” and view the device list. Now, head towards the Devices details and see the exact number of devices connected with your device. Now you may proceed towards choosing the number of devices you want to connect with your router.


You may now have grasped enough information regarding changing the password and checking the related information to sustain the health of your Router. Moreover, you are advised to change the password after definite time periods and it will maintain the speed and accelerate it. To have more information or short guides in quick steps, visit our page and share with your friends as well.

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