How To Manually Install Samsung Android 10 On A S10+

If you are a Samsung user then you know that recently Samsung updated its version. So if you are using Samsung s10 plus and you want to update your Android version to 10. If you looking for how to manually install Samsung Android 10 on s10+ then we are going to discuss everything in this post that how you can do that. So let’s land in the updated world of Samsung.

What Is The Samsung Android 10 Version?

Before we start to know how you can install the Android version on your Samsung a10 plus I think first you should know what exactly Samsung updated and should you update your current version or not.

We all know that Samsung always gives unique values to their users so they can enjoy their services. I personally using Samsung for the last 2 years so that’s why I know too much about Samsung.

Android 10 is a mature and well-tuned mobile operating system with a massive user base and a wide range of supported devices. Android 10 builds on that, introducing new gestures, a Dark Mode, and 5G support, to name a few. Along with iOS 13, it is an Editors’ Choice winner.

And in Android 10 they also updated my favorite thing which is the theme. In Samsung Android 10 you can use the theme in a more easy way and it is faster than the previous version. And it is a special thing because it will give a more unique look to your mobile.  

Now your mobile applications will get important security and privacy updates directly through Google Plays tore means there is no need to update them manually. So, as soon as they become available, you receive these patches. It is also a unique thing that they have updated in their new version.

How To Manually Install Samsung Android 10 on A S10+

I think now you are more confident that you should install Android 10 on s10 plus so you can enjoy the new features of Samsung. Before we start make sure you are using Samsung S10+ because here the method I am going to discuss is specially tested for Samsung S10.

Maybe the other Samsung mobile has the same procedure but we will not be responsible for any loss. Then second make sure that you have a backup file of your mobile data. Because during the installation process, your mobile will lose its data so it is compulsory to make sure you have a backup file on a USB or pc laptop.

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So do you step by step that how to install Android 10 on S10 Plus?

  1. To install the new version of Samsung on the S10+. You must first download and install the Samsung USB drivers. You can download it by clicking the link below: 
  2. On your S10, allow USB debugging and enable developer options.

On your Galaxy smartphone, go to Settings>About phone and tap on the “Build number” ten times until you see a message indicating that you are a “developer.” This will activate “Developer Options.” On the settings menu, you can see “Developer Options”.

Click on the developer’s option to access the developer’s menu. It will basically give you extra access to your mobile option. You can control your mobile in a more easy way. The developer option will make it easy for you to install your Android 10 on Samsung S10+.

3. Install Android 10 on s10+

  1. Once the developer mode is on now you have to unlock the OEM on your mobile. To unlock the OEM follow the below steps.
  2. Go into the developer’s mode
  3. Then Tab on OEM unblocking and USB debugging.
  4. You will get a warning. Read the instructions carefully and click on ok if you are agree
  5. Now your OEM system is unblocked.
  6. Once the OEM unblocking is enabled now you have to download your Android 10 for your Samsung S10+. You can follow the below link to download it.
  7. After downloading this file you have to extract this file using any extractor tool. You can easily extract it with the help of the most popular tool available on the internet which 7zip extractor.
  8. After downloading the extractor extract the downloaded file
  9. Now you have to download the Odin software which will help you to install Android 10 on your Samsung s10 plus.  You can easily download that tool from Google.
  10. Once you have downloaded the tool now go open it and select your current mobile model which is the Samsung s10 plus.
  11. Select the extracted firmware files that correspond to each button in the Odin software in the following phase. For instance, pick the extracted firmware file that begins with “CP” by clicking the button labeled “CP.” In the same manner, click on “AP” and then choose the extracted firmware file whose name begins with “AP.” Add the BL file to the BL button in the same manner.

After Completing The Above Steps

Choose the “CSC” file for the CSC button if you want to perform a factory reset while installing stock firmware; if not, load the “HOME CSC” file. F. Reset, if necessary. The only options selected in the “Options” tab of Odin are Time and Auto-Reboot. Skip-clicking the “UMS” or “USERDATA” button on Odin.

Click the “Start” button in the Odin software. Once everything has been completed as described above, then wait for the flashing procedure to complete. Your Galaxy S10, S10+, or S10e will reboot at the conclusion of the process, and the Odin software will display a “Pass” message.


Why can’t I update my S10 Plus?

Make sure you’re using a good Wi-Fi network when installing the update, and then try restarting your Galaxy S10 to update the device. If the issue is still there, you can attempt to install the update using the Samsung Smart Switch app or by clearing the phone’s cache partition. And you can also install Android 10 on your mobile manually by following the above steps.


Congratulation now you are using the latest version of Android on your Samsung S10+. You have just to follow the above steps and all is done to install the latest version of Android. So that is so simple to update your current version of Samsung s10 plus.

If you still have any problems in installing the new version or if you are still stuck on How to manually install Samsung Android 10 on an S10 plus then don’t worry we are here to help you out with your problem you can ask your questions on the comment section and we will defiantly reply your question. And for more updates and tricks you can bookmark this page so next, you can easily find us.

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