What Does The Blue Dot Mean On Android Text?

Most mobile users are unaware of the reason for showing a blue tick on their Android text. So in this post, we will discover everything we need to know about this that what is the actual meaning of this and how it can be beneficial for you. So stay with us till the end so you can know everything about this.

If you didn’t already know, the Android Messages app offers a chat function that works similarly to iMessage chat on iPhones and iPads. If your mobile allows RCS and you can also use it for the end-to-end of your contacts that is an amazing feature. However, it is more widespread in Samsung smartphones than in other brands. If the chat feature is accessible, you may even use the stock Android Messages app’s settings to make it the primary method of sending and receiving messages.

What Does The Blue Dot Mean On Android Text?

The appearance of a blue dot shows that the sender of text messages and phone calls can also receive and send chat messages using the standard text messaging app on their Android phone.

You may configure sending and receiving using the stock text messaging app if you make the chat function the primary feature on your Android phone. The Android messaging app supports conversations in the same way as iPhones and iPads do.

If your phone and SIM provider service support RCS (Rich communication service), this function is available in Android. Mostly Samsung allows the RCS system. If you want to know what is RCS and how to enable it you can read the previous post by clicking here.

How To Enable Blue Dot On Android Text?

If you want to enable the blue dots option on your mobile or you want to see the magic of blue dots on your mobile you can follow the below steps. By following the below steps you can easily enable the blue dots on your mobile.

  1. Connect your mobile to the internet
  2. Go to your messaging application which you can see on your home screen also.
  3. Continue pressing on messaging app until you will see three dots option
  4. Click on three dots and then go to the setting option
  5. Search for message settings then go to chat settings
  6. Then search for the chat features button and click on enable chat features
  7. Press the button default message type
  8. Here press chat and then click on the option Read Recipient

So in this simple way, you can easily on the option blue on Android text.

How To Disable The Blue Dot On Android Text?

So if you want to get rid of want to disable blue dot on Android text then you do it by following the below steps. It’s not difficult you have to just follow the below simple steps.

  1. Continue to click on your messaging application
  2. Then click on the settings option. You will see it after clicking three dots on the messaging app.
  3. Now search for the message setting and then go to chat settings
  4. Here go to chat features and click on disable chat features

That is so simple. Now you will stop to see a blue dot on the Android text.

How To Fix Chat Setting Option Not Showing

If your mobile did not have a chat option that means you are using the older version of mobile and or Android which does not support the chat option and you have to update it. If you successfully upgrade your Android phone but still can’t find it, this means your phone doesn’t support RCS.

Meaning Of Blue And Green Chat Options On Android Text?

So, after reading our tutorial on what the blue dot on Android text contacts signifies, you’ve identified someone to connect with who displays a blue dot. Then you compose your message, attached some attachments, and clicked the send button. However, unlike normal texts, the message bubble is blue. What does the message bubble’s blue dot mean?

Let’s get to the answer immediately before more inquiries arise. Android text messages app, a blue message bubble indicates that the message was sent as a conversation. It’s a terrific way to validate that the text you submitted was truly a chat message. If you see green or the standard texting hue, the message is a text message.

It should be noted that the default text message bubble on some Android phones may be light blue or grey. Furthermore, the color of the message bubble may vary based on the theme settings, user interface version, or software updates.

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Advantages Of The Blue Dot On Android Text

So now you have a clear idea that is what is actually blue dot mean and who actually have blue or green dots. But now maybe you have a question What are the advantages of the blue dot on your Android text?

I personally think that blue dot or advanced messaging is a great way to chat. Mean here you have lots of new features that you can use to enhance your messaging. You can see what the other person is typing and you can see the status of another person whether he is online or not.

With that, you can also send large files via messages which I think is a great option to use. However, with it has a lot of features and I think you should use it personally and should observe how it will change your messaging behavior. Because it is amazing for me!

How To Enable Advanced Messages?

If you have an Android mobile either it is Samsung or any other I think you should try advanced messages on your mobile. It will allow you to send videos, voices, and even images on your simple messages app and that’s amazing. It is the latest feature of Android mobiles and if you have this option then you should try it. So here are some steps that how you can enable advanced messages on your mobile and see the magic of using it. Just follow me!

  1. Navigate to the settings menu on your Samsung phone.
  2. To find the messaging app, scroll through the list of possibilities.
  3. Tap to open the messaging app, then select the message settings from the next page.
  4. All communications features are shown here, and a toggle switch allows the user to enable or disable any of them.
  5. I checked the Advance messages box and clicked OK

On your Samsung or Android device, you have successfully enabled the Advance message function. That was so simple and to turn off these features you can follow the same steps and you can disable them. But once you should try it.


So if you want to know what the blue dot means on Android text? The blue dot indicates that you can communicate with others more quickly and easily than before, or that you can text and chat using only your stock Android Messages app. So if you have any questions please let me know in the comment section. I will reply to your question and for more bookmark this site so you find amazing tutorials without any problem.

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