What Is RTT Call On Android Explained In Detail

What is rtt call on android as explained in Detail Android users always face one issue they won’t call and text messages at the same time. Let’s assume that I will say your mobile has a feature that you do voice calls and text messages at the same time. Sound cool! Yes, you read it and write that it is what exactly RTT is.

In this post, I am going to discuss everything that what is RRT and how you can use it, how to turn off it, and at last how to take advantage of it. So stay with us to enter the world where your imagination is going to be real.

RTT is a great feature of Android mobile, especially in Samsung mobile which is designed for special people who cannot speak. They can use the latest features introduced by Samsung mobiles which is RTT. But what exactly is RTT? We are going discover everything about it from scratch.

What Is RTT Call On Android?

The meaning RTT is Real-Time Text Calling which is available on Samsung mobile. Using this feature anyone can send messages during phone conversion without hitting the send button. It will automatically deliver your message when you are on call.

Special people like those who can not speak or can not see for them the new technology RTT has been designed. These types of people can enable the RTT function and can use it. But to use this function you have to make sure the person has the same device.

Mean if both devices supported the RTT function then you can make an RTT call otherwise you cannot make an RTT call. Anyone who’s mobile support the RTT function and enables it from mobile settings.

RTT is an advanced version of TTY features which was limited to only landline mobiles. By using the TTY function users can only use these amazing features on only landline mobiles.

But on December 2017 the FCC make an announcement that they are going to introduce RTT features which means now you can use Real-time text calling on any mobile. You need a wireless handset using IP-based technology on RTT-compatible networks, such as an iPhone or Android phone, for RTT to function.


If we talk about TTY that was a feature that allows the user to send text messages by using some fixed landline telephones. TTY is an old version of RTT that was introduced for blind and deaf people. But with advancements in technology, FCC changes the TTY to RTT.

Now you can use this calling-to-text feature on any mobile which supports this mobile. We cannot say that every mobile is providing these features but for now only Samsung mobiles and providing RTT function to their users. So you can use it on mobiles that support RTT features.

RTT is an advanced feature by which special people can send messages during a phone conversation even without hitting the enter button. RTT does not require any extra gadgets are extra equipment to attach to it. You can use it without any extra gadgets on any device and on any phone.

In a word, the RTT feature allows users to send real-time texts using their cellular phones, giving them a lot of freedom and accessibility.

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How To Enable RTT Call On Android?

To enable the RTT on mobile you have to follow the below simple steps. You can enable it by following some simple steps which are:

  1. Open the default phone app. The phone which is used to make calls
  2. Now tap on the More button in the top right corner. Maybe on your phone, it is with three dots click on that dots.
  3. Here find the Accessibility option and click on that
  4. Tap on the Settings option

Now click on Real-time Text RTT and enable it by scrolling the toggle which is from it and setting the ON.

How To Make A Manual Call With RTT?

What is an RTT call on Android? Now the RTT features on your mobile are on and you can use these features on your mobile. Just make your calls and use these features. And you can see also a capital T on the right corner of your phone which indicate that you’re mobile in enabled RTT features.

Note: To use RTT features your mobile should support the RTT function as already I said that you can use it on Samsung mobiles. But your mobile is not supporting it by default you can download it and can use it

To make a manual call using the RTT features follow the below steps. By the way, using this you only will call go to the RTT call. All other calls will be your default calls. So to enable your manual call on RTT follows the below steps:

  1. Tap the Phone icon on the home screen.
  2. Enter the desired caller’s number in the “Dial pad” tab (bottom left) of the screen.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, tap the RTT call symbol.
  4. From the “Contact” option, choose the person you wish to call (lower right).
  5. To call the chosen contact’s number, tap the RTT call icon.
  6. The recipient will receive a reminder to join the RTT call as the call connects.
  7. Once the call is answered, type a message in the text box.

How To Disable RTT Permanently?

By using this method your current will go with using RTT technology and all the other call on your mobile will go with default calls. But the problem is that only specific mobile support these features. Like on some devices, you can make manual RTT calls if your mobile support tries it now.

If you want to turn off the RTT on your mobile then follow the below steps. By using the below steps you can easily disable the RTT on your mobile permanently.

  1. Open your default calling app. The calling app which you are using to make calls.
  2. Click on the three dots or the Menu option.
  3. Then click on the setting button and you will enter the settings of your calling app.
  4. Now Then choose accessibility
  5. Here you will see the option RTT
  6. You will see the feature is on. Disable it by clicking on the toggle.

By using the above methods your RTT will be disabled on your mobile phone permanently. And you cannot make an RTT call now.


RTT is a great way the communication which can be used by deaf people. The RTT feature is available on many Android smartphones, but many consumers are unaware of its purpose or how to use it. In order to help, we’ve decided to define RTT and describe how to use it. With RTT, you can send text messages while on a call without pressing the send button.

So in the above complete guide, we discover everything about the RTT function how you can use and how to take benefit from it. It will be a great feature for you if you can see or cannot listen you can use it. However, if you are still having problems regarding RTT then you can ask it in the comment section we will reply to your questions.

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