This Story Is Unavailable Instagram: Why Can’t I See An Instagram Story?


Instagram, where we all love sharing cool photos and videos, sometimes shows us a confusing message – “This story is unavailable”. However, why does this happen and how do we fix it? So let’s make this easy as pie to understand!

What Makes an Instagram Story ‘Unavailable’?

Private Profiles – Keep Out!

When someone chooses to have a private Instagram account, only their friends can see their stories. If you’re not a friend, their story will be ‘unavailable’ for you.

Gone in 24 hours

Instagram stories are like magic shows – they vanish after 24 hours! If someone removes their story before that, it becomes ‘unavailable’ to everyone.

Sometimes, Things Just Go Wrong

Even Instagram can also have a bad day. Maybe the app isn’t working right, or the internet is slow. That can make a story seem ‘unavailable’.

How to See an ‘Unavailable’ Instagram Story

Make a New Friend

Want to see the story from a private account? Easy peasy! Just hit ‘follow’ and if they accept, you’re in!

Internet – Fast and Furious

Additionally, make sure your internet is as speedy as a race car. So if it’s more like a tortoise, try restarting your router or using a different Wi-Fi.

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Update Instagram – Stay in the Fast Lane

Just like your favorite game, Instagram needs updates too. Make sure you’ve got the latest version. If problems stick around, try deleting and reinstalling the app.

Troubleshooting Instagram Stories: Why Can’t I View Them?

If unable to view an Instagram Story, check privacy settings, expired stories, app updates, or potential user restrictions for reasons.

Wrapping Up

Seeing “This story is unavailable” on Instagram can be annoying, like missing the ice cream truck. But, now you know why it happens and how to fix it. Just remember, always respect privacy, stay updated, and also keep your internet fast for a great Instagram experience.

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