Where Are My WhatsApp Backup On Samsung A10?

As we know WhatsApp is the most popular application around the world with almost 2.5B active users. WhatsApp becomes the most popular application to communicate with friends and family and it is true that no application can beat WhatsApp in security and easiness. For the sake of saving WhatsApp backup many users especially Samsung users always ask the query “Where is my WhatsApp backup on Samsung A10?” 

So in this post, we are going discuss everything which you need to know about this Samsung back-up if you are in trouble to know that where is your WhatsApp back-up then read this guide till the end and I hope after reading this article there will be no need to read any other one.

How To Take WhatsApp Backup On Samsung A10?

The best about WhatsApp which I personally like is that WhatsApp gives you the benefit of back-up your data on your mobile. So in any case on the problem, the user can easily restore his data and nothing will be lost.

The best way to store and back up your data on Samsung A10 is Google Drive. Your data in Samsung a10 is will be safe on google drive. You can easily restore it at any time through google drive. And you know the special thing about WhatsApp is that it will not take too much storage on google drive.

Furthermore, you can also customize your backup data like what you want to store in google drive. Let’s suppose you want to backup your pictures only then do you have an option you can backup your pictures with no need to store unnecessary files like heavy videos or files. Meaning you can easily store what you want.

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Where Are My WhatsApp Backup On Samsung A10?

So if you to know that actually where is your Samsung backup data on the Samsung a10 then you should check on the below places.

1. WhatsApp Database

Usually, Samsung phones make a local backup in the phone’s storage automatically. Simply navigate to “/storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp” for the user.

But only Android versions under 10.0 will have access to this location for WhatsApp backup. The location for WhatsApp back-up on Samsung A10/J3 for Android 10 and higher is “/storage/emulated/0/Android/media/com.whatsapp/whatsapp.”

You can easily access your WhatsApp data on the above path. Just go on the above path and check your backup data.

2. Samsung Account

The best thing about Samsung is that Samsung users can create their database easily on Samsung phone and can restore it easily when they want. When data is lost or erased, a Samsung user can utilize Samsung Account to generate a backup and then recover it. The user can navigate to “Settings > Account and Back-up > Back-up and Restore > Backup Data” to generate a backup. If you haven’t done so before, choose WhatsApp and log into your Samsung Account here. Tap “Done” once the backup has been completed.

The user can visit the same place to recover or restore this data. However, the user can select WhatsApp by clicking “Restore” instead of going to back-up. Your phone will receive the data transmission.

3. Google Drive:

According to the user’s preference, WhatsApp makes back-ups to Google Drive every day, every week, or every month. The most trustworthy backup is Google Drive backup, which allows for easy data recovery.

Open Google Drive on your Samsung smartphone to view the location of your WhatsApp backups. Select the hamburger menu symbol. It will present you with many possibilities. Your WhatsApp backup may be seen here if you click “Back-up.” It is unable to access or change this backup.

The only way for the user to get it back is via WhatsApp. Just go on your WhatsApp click on the three dots then find the data and backup and then find the restore option it will restore your data automatically on WhatsApp. This most widely used option when it comes to restoring and backup the data on Samsung A10.

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Where is WhatsApp Backup On Samsung A10 Stored Using Google Drive?

So we discussed that Google is the most effective way to back up your data if you want to know where are your WhatsApp data on google drive in Samsung A10 then follow the below steps. But I think there is no need to see it. Actually, the backup data in google drive is hidden and normal users cannot see this but if you want to see this then follow me!

  1. Visit http://drive.google.com/ to log in to Google Drive.
  2. Select “Settings” from the menu in the upper left.
  3. The “Manage Apps” option is located on the panel’s left side; click it.
  4. Wait a little while, then scroll down to view WhatsApp Messenger. Since the list is organized alphabetically, you must scroll a little to find WhatsApp.

By following the above steps you can easily find your backup data on google drive. But maybe you can read the files due to the user’s encryption but not all. Some of the files will be visible and you can easily read them.

Another Way To Take And Restore Your WhatsApp Backup On Samsung A10

So you can easily follow the above steps to back up and restore your WhatsApp data on Samsung A10. As we already discussed data google is the best way to restore and backup your data for WhatsApp.

But by chance, if you cannot do this then you can also restore and back up your WhatsApp data by using a third-party tool.

As I will recommend it to you because when you will give access to your data to a third party then might the tools use your data for any bad use. But if you can find the best and most authentic tool then may you can back up and restore your WhatsApp data easily.

So after testing many tools, I found one which I think is secure to use. But you can rely on this tool. It is just a recommendation, not a strict decision.

The tool’s name is iCare Fone Transfer. You can easily download this tool and can use it to back up and restore your data without any trouble. So here are some steps by which you can use this tool easily!

Basically, this tool will store your data on your pc or USB it will not store your data on your phone. However, follow my steps to do it.

How To Take WhatsApp Backup On Samsung A10 using iCareFone Transfer 

Just install this tool by following the above link after this tools follow the steps

  1. Attach your PC via USB cable with your mobile phone
  2. Then launch the tool
  3. After launching click on the WhatsApp button
  4. Then it will automatically detect your mobile
  5. Now you can see a backup button click on that and backup your data safely

Remember you can use this tool only on a PC or laptop. You cannot use this on mobile.

How To Restore WhatsApp Backup On Samsung A10 using iCareFone Transfer 

Now if you want to restore your data by using the above tool then follow the below steps

  1. Just launch this tool again
  2. Click on the restore button
  3. Then select your connected device
  4. After that click on the restore button

That’s all


So you are looking for where is my WhatsApp backup on Samsung A10 then you can easily find and restore the data by using the above methods. And once again I will recommend you use google drive to back up your files.

After using google drive your data will be in safe hands and you can restore it when you will lost your data from your mobile. If you still have any problems finding your data or restoring your data then you can just ask me in the comments I will defiantly reply to your questions. And for more valuable information, you can bookmark these sites so you can come again and find us easily on the world of the internet

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