What Is A Photo Dump And Why Should Marketers Care

Photo dumping is a common term that is used on Instagram and is the most attractive genre of social media attention-seeking tool these days. In this article, you will learn What is a photo dump and why should marketers care. Since some people are still unfamiliar with this trend and its importance, so there must be a guideline for them.

So this is what provoked us to create a blog giving you the information regarding What is a photo dump and why should marketers care? Plus the related professional terms and abbreviations will be mentioned in depth.

Keep reading to have the full idea about Photo dumping, its significance, and how to do impressive photo dumping in marketing. 

Introduction To Photo Dump

We all live in a world that is full of imperfections and disfigurements so none of us humans could be spotless and pure.

Clicking back a few years, the models and celebrities used to post pictures and videos that are cool and perfect up to the maximum with the help of filters, and beauty cameras. That is what only a fraction of people loved and the rest were inconvenient and had an obsession with those flawless celebrities.

Even teenage healthy or fat girls and ugly boys, according to recent research, starve themselves to attain the superficial smartness of the figure the supermodels express in their reels.

This lead to nervous breakdowns due to Anorexia Nervosa and fainting scenes in schools and workplaces. So the new trend of “PHOTO DUMPING”  to reveal the imperfections of lives is big healing in this situation. Let’s see how it works.

What Is A Photo Dump on Instagram?

 Photo Dumping means putting photos randomly taken during someone’s daily life, office work, meals, or shopping. The photos don’t require an essential perfection level as the usual Instagram posts do.

Certainly, the dumped photos may be without makeup, filters, and editing; may be either blurred or candid. Also, there is no need of following a sequence to upload photos in such a carousel post on Instagram.

You may drop one from your birthday event, one from the recent meal you ate, and kick the GIFS and stickers in them to make people swipe next. The blur, ambiguous and purposeless photographs attain more popularity on Instagram dumping scenes.

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Why Photos Dump On Instagram Is Getting So Trendy? 

Dumping  Photos on Instagram is becoming more in use because of the following reasons:

1. Natural Reflection

The imperfect or in other words the anti-perfection trend is getting more in use because this is the one that matches human nature. Acceptance of the flaws and living with those errors is the real beauty.

2. Versatility

Therefore Dumping Photos have brought versatility to social media uploads. One may dump whatever he likes sitting in any mood and this won’t require any rocket science to think and post anything new for the followers.

3. Getting More Salabity

Random uploads with silly poses or backgrounds from the laypersons could be expected. But its arrival from the celebrities and famous brands is really great attention. For example, gallery dumping, and random photo drop sounds awkward and funny.

But this is the real stimulus that incites the followers to swipe more and more to check what’s next in a single Dumped post. According to research, the dumped gallery photos gain 3.1X attention from viewers on Instagram.

4. Marketing publicity

Most of the brands have started doing random shots uploads for sake of the Instagram Dumping and this led to a huge amount of followers. This is in fact, a source of raising followers by the brands and free publicity.

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How To Do Instagram Photo Dumping?

Photo dumping on Instagram is quite an easy and rough procedure. This is usually carried out in a few steps as mentioned below in detail:

1. To Select the Photos

First of all, you will have to open up your gallery photos to select the photos you want to dump on Instagram. You can select the ones you took during the different events, the ones you took while doing your homework, and the ones you tried to make memes.

Also, you can select the blur and unedited photos to give additional attention to the stuff. One thing you must keep in mind is that you shouldn’t select the blur and unclear photos necessarily. You can add those which were perfect as well in this random collection.

2. To Give Them A Random-Looking Sequence

Secondly, you have to give a sequence that you planned in your mind. Add the silliest photo to the main slide or add the prettiest one.

You can also add futile photos to have the most attention to your carousel posts on Instagram. Add funny stickers or random GIFS relating to the photos or just opposite them.

So the people must have the quest in mind “Why this” What’s the next one”, “What’s the scene”, what’s the story” etc. so that they may click on the next ones.

3. To Put An Attractive Caption

You have to add captivating captions to the photos you just selected. Remember you can add only one caption to this short album so select the one that is heart-winning or trendy. You can use captions like:

  1. Today’s in an album
  2. Birthday reminder
  3. January ( or any month name)
  4. winters( or any season name)
  5. Monday’s ( or any day name)
  6. Lab activities and fun
  7. Fun walk
  8. The healthy lifestyle 

Plus you can add captions that make the photo dumping attractive and cute due to being in trend as the common hashtags. Like:

#Today #Faminism #no makeup day Etc.

4. To Post Finally

The last thing you have to preview the photos you added and tap “ POST” and see the abundance of likes and loves on Instagram. Make sure to select nice photos to avoid any scandals on your personality.


What is the other name people use for Photo Dumping on Instagram?

The other name people use for Photo Dumping on Instagram is “Gallery-Dumping”, “Gallery dumps” and “Random Carousels”.

Can one add videos in Photo Dumping on Instagram?

Yes, of course. In fact, video Dumping and the mixture of Phoo and video Dumping are famous too. So dump the videos just like the photos and see the magical effects.

Last Words

So this was all about the wonderful Photo dump or Gallery Dumping and hope you got the idea that how this trend is helpful in marketing and marketers must care about this. Check out the famous celebrities and brands doing Photo-Dumping and create your own Dumps.

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