What Can Conversion Tracking In Search Help You Measure?

Keeping an eye on the ad traffic on your website or any online business page is indispensable these days. So let’s check what can conversion tracking in search help you measure. Because this is the major factor that decides the success or failure of your online platform.

Therefore, the ads are crucial to your web so use them as a window to have a look over followers’ interactions with your business. This is what we are going to discuss in today’s TechTV blog. It will fully deliver massive information on the topic: “ What Can Conversion Tracking In Search Help You Measure?”.


So if you are part of Google or any other browser or search engine’s advertising, you must have gone through lots of plans that enhance the views of the ads. Furthermore, you will be always keen to know what type of material people associate with most, and it will be your first priority to put on those ads as the top ads on any page you have in your contract. 

So there are various types of ads on online surfing, that include mini-pop-ups, top, and bottom pop-ups and side notifications, etc. Certainly, there is a huge amount of graphical content, animations, and videos that emerge to extract the attention of all browsing users. 

Apparently, they involve a much smaller part of the whole screen or may lie wishing text and paragraphs. Still, there is a big role they play to impart a good business to the product they are advertising. So none can deny the significance of promotions that rise up due to these online ads. 

However, let us see what conversion and conversion tracking means in the incoming description. Make sure to scroll till the end so that you may know how conversion imparts a good role in increasing traffic to your ads. Plus you may see the key factor it becomes in developing a bridge between the advertiser and the viewers. 

Let’s start with the main objects of our title on this TechTV blog conversion and conversion tracking.

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What Is Conversion?

You put ads on a web page for certain purposes according to the type of product and these ads trigger the viewers to take some prompt actions that actually pay you For example:

Ads About:

  1. A web page may incite people to open that page.
  2. marketing apps may ask people to install that app.
  3. A new game may ask people to play that game online or install that game.
  4. A Youtube channel may invite people to open that Youtube video and subscribe to the channel.
  5. A casual product may incite people to purchase that product online via e-mail or online store, or offline via call.
  6. An e-reading page may invite people to open, read and download a book online.
  7. A browser’s extension may ask people to open that link and add that extension. 
  8. A dating site may invite people to click on that site and join the platform.

so, all the set of actions that the viewers go through when they happen to see ads on a certain page is called “Conversions”. So the conversions in the above examples are:

  1. Opening a web page.
  2. Installing marketing app
  3. Installing and playing a game
  4. Subscribing a youtube channel and giving a view of that video
  5. Buying and purchasing a product
  6. Reading and downloading a book
  7. Adding Chrome’s extension.
  8. Joining a dating platform

So let’s see what is Conversion Tracking and what can conversion tracking in search helps you measure. 

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What Is Conversion Tracking?

Furthermore, the term itself reflects, Conversion Tracking is a kind of digital tracking tool that helps to measure and estimate the conversions taking place. So if one wants to keep an eye over the conversions ( or ads viewers’ activities) he must seek hand help from Conversion Tracking.

Conversion Tracking Measures Search Outcomes And Enhances Advertising ROI!

Conversion tracking is also extremely helpful to know the key factors that plant a big viewership to ads. So, one should use the Conversion Tracking Tool for:

  1. Noting the exact keywords, phrases, and interests that perform well on all webs. 
  2. Using different SBS ( smart Bidding strategies) to automatically optimize one’s conversion targets.
  3. Conceiving the ROI ( return on Investment) fraction that will help you spend and invest accordingly. 
  4. Making a flowchart of the pathway a viewer will get to go on seeing a particular app and then embellishing it with all requisite accessories.

How To Add A Conversion Tracker In Google Search Autopilot?

So this is obviously a tricky procedure but follow us stepwise and perform side by side, you will add your tracker on Google. Let’s begin in simple baby steps:

  1. First of all, you have to enable expert mode using the champion toggle on the menu that appears on the top right side. 
  2. Move to Conversion Trackers and click “Create Tracker” in the list.
  3. Here, you have to select the type of conversion you want to track via your tracker. You can either pick “ website” to track sales and other actions on that web page or you may select the “track calls” option.
  4. Now, choose  “Action”
    • Lead: to interact with people through contacts you gave. 
    • Purchase: to interact with people by selling a service
    • Page view: to invite people to view your page
    • Sign up:  to invite people to register themselves on a page or account
    • Other.
  5. Now, Put a Conversion name. And then enter the Conversion value and count, you can select the same value or different values.

Create A Conversion Window

Then proceed to choose the maximum time you want for an ad interaction.  You can choose 30 days as the best recommendation. 

  1. Select a View now and it is time to choose a maximum time after which viewers can view an ad to count the number of views in conversions. You may select one day.

Include In Conversions

  1. It will allow you to assign your conversions and conversion values to certain columns.
  2. Choose the desired Attribution model for tracking: this helps you estimate the value of each conversion click. You may choose any of the:
    • Last click 
    • First, click  
    • Linear
  3. Proceed to complete all fields, check your settings and push next to create the Tracker finally. 
  4. Put your tracker snippet into your website. Read out the snippet Instructions.
  5. Select the main code of your page and Copy -paste the unique global site tag code into the head code of the tracker-tagged website.
  6. Select the Page Load and click Done when you completely implement the tag.
  7. If you want to remove the tracker you need to open the three dots menu that appears on the side.


So this was all about the “What Can Conversion Tracking In Search Help You Measure?”. Not only do we have elaborated on the noticeable information about the Conversion, and conversion tracking but also the procedure to add the one. Still, if you are vague at some point, don’t give us and seek expert guidance in comments or you may simply mail to our tech team “at info@techstv.com”. So I hope you have a great interaction with TechsTv today. Share the link if you like it with your friends.

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