The New Samsung Galaxy S20 5G SM G981U

Are you looking for a phone that has it all? Look no further than The New Samsung Galaxy S20 5G SM G981U. This smartphone offers powerful performance. A great camera, and a blazing-fast 5G network. Whatever you want high-quality picture or log time battery. Then I think the Galaxy S20 5G is a perfect choice. Read on to learn more about why the Galaxy S20 5G is perfect. We will cover everything about it.


The design of mobile matters a lot. Because the first impression is the last impression. But in the case of this mobile, It has a stunning piece of modern technology. The phone has a sleek, modern design with a flat front. It has curved edges and a metal frame.

Its 6.2-inch Infinity-O Display provides an immersive viewing experience. And Its Quad HD+ Dynamic AMOLED, 2X display makes it the best. Its four rear cameras sit flush against the back of the phone. And the back panel is made of durable glass with an anti-glare finish.

The design of this mobile allows it to be comfortable to hold. And looks stylish enough to show off. There’s also an on-screen fingerprint scanner on the right side of the device. Which can unlock your device securely and quickly. On top of that, there’s a headphone jack located on the bottom edge.

So you can easily plug in your headphones. That is all about design. Overall I personally like its design. It has unique to other mobile. That is why it’s my favorite mobile all over the series. If you are thinking of its design then I will suggest you go with it. Because it will never disappoint you.

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The camera is another important feature of any mobile. Because I go to buy mobile I first of all check camera. Because it helps us to store memories. The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G has a triple-lens rear camera system. It includes a 12MP primary lens and a 64MP telephoto lens. And a 12MP ultra-wide angle lens. This combination allows you to capture stunning photos in any setting. The camera also features 8K video recording.

Which allows you to capture professional-grade videos with ease. In addition, it has a single 10MP front-facing camera for great selfies. It delivers sharp and vibrant photos no matter the lighting conditions.

It allows you to take shake-free videos. Also, it comes with a powerful Night Mode. Which lets you capture amazing night shots. Even with improved clarity and color accuracy. Whether you’re taking photos or shooting videos. You’ll get crystal clear results with the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G.
So it has an excellent camera too. If you are looking mobile with a good camera. Then add this mobile to your list.


The Samsung smg981u 5G packs a punch when it comes to performance. It is equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and 8GB RAM. Which makes it incredibly powerful and fast.

With its 5G capability, users can enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds. The phone also offers a smooth and responsive gaming experience. With 128GB of internal storage, there is plenty of room to store games.

The device also supports expandable storage of up to 1TB. All in all, the Samsung smg981u offers excellent performance. It is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the latest apps and games.

Furthermore, it has Android 10, making it easy to use and navigate. With its best One UI interface. Users can easily find what they are looking for and customize the phone. All of this adds up to a rare performance that will let users multitask. With the Samsung smg981u, users can have an immersive and powerful experience.

If you are looking mobile with good performance then it is the best choice. Because I personally use this mobile. And I personally like its performance. You can multitask on this mobile. I do a lot of work at a time on this mobile.

Battery Life

It has an impressive battery that is sure to keep you going throughout the day. It has a 4,000 mAh battery. You can be sure that your phone will have plenty of hours of work. The S20 also supports quick charging. That means you can charge your battery quickly.

Also, it comes with a wireless power-share feature. So you can easily charge other devices from the S20. All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G offers impressive battery life. And charging features that make it a great phone for on-the-go users.

Android 10

Always choose which update with technology. This mobile has Android 10. Which is the last Android version. The best thing about Android 10 is that you can customize it. You can do a lot of things with it on your mobile. That’s why is the most popular mobile in the market.

You can download many themes and many things with it. Furthermore, you can do a lot of privacy settings with Android 10. And with that, you can run live captions on videos. So this mobile has the latest Android version. So you can add this mobile to your list to get the best mobile.

Price Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981U

The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981U is not a cheap phone. It comes with a hefty price tag of $999.99. However, the price is worth it with all the features that come with this device. You get a fast processor, an impressive camera, great battery life, and more.

All these features make it a great value for money. So, if you are looking for a flagship device at an affordable price. Then this is the phone for you. This means that you can experience ultra-fast downloads. And can upload speeds while surfing the web.

With 5G, you can also experience faster streaming and gaming. So if you are looking to stay connected and make the most out of your device. Then the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981U is a perfect choice.

GSM + CDMA / 4G LTE + 5G Wireless Connectivity Of S20 5G SM G981U

The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G offers incredible speeds. Even with its GSM, CDMA, 4G LTE, and 5G wireless support. With the latest cellular technologies integrated into this device. You can enjoy high-speed internet access anywhere you go.

GSM networks provide great coverage and fast data speeds. While CDMA networks offer increased coverage. And has the ability to make phone calls in areas where GSM doesn’t work. 4G LTE networks are blazing fast. And it allows you to browse the web quickly. Allowing you to experience smoothly. You can enjoy a top-of-the-line network anytime, anywhere.

S20 5G SM G981U Vs S20 5G SM G981U1

Both are excellent smartphones. For those looking for a fast, reliable phone with a great camera. The main difference between the two models is dual sim. Plus, the G981U1 comes with 128GB of storage, while the G981U only has 64 GB.

When it comes to a wireless network, both devices support GSM + CDMA / 4G LTE + 5G. It also offers faster download speeds. Allows users to take advantage of their 5G connection. It also has a larger battery (4,500mAh) compared to the G981U’s 4,000mAh. This gives the G981U1 a bit more battery life.

Overall, both models of the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G are excellent phones. That offers users an excellent combination of performance. And good camera quality, and battery life. At last, users have to decide which is the best mobile for them.

Those who need dual SIMs or more storage space should opt for the G981U1. While those who want better reception and faster downloads should go with the G981U.

Will SM G981U Work On Verizon?

The S20 5G SM-G981U is designed to work with both GSM and CDMA networks. Including Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G wireless services. This phone will support all the major US carriers. Including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. The SM-G981U is compatible with Verizon’s 4G LTE and 5G networks.

So you can experience ultra-fast speeds while you’re out and about. So if you’re looking for the best possible speeds and performance. Then you’ll need to opt for the SM-G981U model. If you do choose to get the SM-G981U for Verizon.

Last Words

The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G is a great phone with a powerful camera. And it has incredible speeds. It has a sleek design and long-lasting battery life. Making it the perfect device for style and performance. The price tag may be a bit high, but when you consider all the features. It is well worth the investment. If you’re looking for a top-notch phone then Galaxy S20 5G is a perfect choice.

If you want the best mobile which will cover your cost then it is the best choice. I personally use this mobile and I love it. So here is my review of this mobile but you have to decide what is best. Like what you want for yourself.

Like what you want for your camera or storage. Just stay connected with us to get more reviews about mobiles. Hope this review will help you to decide on the best mobile. If you have any questions you can ask them in a comment. I will reply to all your questions. Best of Luck and don’t forget to share it with others.

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