Navata Transport Tracking With LR Number

Transport and consignment tracking has been the most frequent search on the internet since the advent of the online tracking of products. Various transport services offer online tracking with their online tracking addresses and web links so does Navata. This is because the customers may feel satisfied with their safe deliveries and the packages. So here we are with the tech blog: “Navata Transport Tracking With LR Number”.  Have the complete detail of the online tracking via the Navata Transport service on this Techs TV Blog.

If you are in search of an authentic method to track your consignment from Navata, you must check the whole blog. Read the services this amazing transport offers and have all the related information about this service. Scroll to read more and help yourself and your family and friends to track the Navata Transport Tracking Online anytime, anywhere just in a few clicks. 

Before we go explain the tracking procedure, we would first like to have the introduction of Navatar and the services it offers for newcomers. Reading this could be a little bit uncomfortable for you but this may help you tackle the issues regarding this company if you had any or will have any in the future. Also, this will definitely assist you us the transport service in a more productive way with maximum efficacy. 

Without any further delay, let’s start with the introduction of Navata:


Navata is an Indian road transport service to facilitate the masses’ transport their all types of luggage from one place to another other. Mr. Parvataneni Subash Chandra put the foundation of the wonderful company back in 1982. Till now this service has 668 branches with further sub-branches in all the famous and far-off places of India. 

The following provinces come in the territory of this service:

  • Andhra Pradesh
  • Telangana
  • Karnataka
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Maharashtra and Gujrat
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Prodichery in south India 

With such a substantial inter-states business, the staff is also in the thousands to run it smoothly. This Indian company holds more than 2k staff members that deal with the products with extreme care and responsibility. Plus the trucks that circulate stuff all over the country more than “400”; this is a vast number and shows the network strength of the service in India. 

Talking about the staff‘s courtesy, another plus point of the Navata is that its staff is extremely polite and fully responsible via training. If a customer faces an unethical statement from staff, he or she may simply file a complaint against that employee. 

Let’s now check out the service qualities the Navata transport service offers in a few points:

Services of Navata Transport Service:

Here you are going to see Navata’s outstanding service features that you cannot ignore. Also, this will help you compare the service with others with respect to these points. So the first in our list is “Excellent Transportation”; see the details below:

1. Excellent Transportation | Navata Transport Tracking With LR Number

Excellent good transportation with the best packaging and handling is available only in the Navata transport service. You can check the review on the official site; the staff delivers the luggage with extreme care. High security protects your valuable products and there is no chance of stealing, looting, or losing your consignments. However, if this happens, the company will pay you a 100% loss to compensate for your loss.

2. Low Freight rates | Navata Transport Tracking With LR Number

The rates on the delivery packages are reasonable in the case of Navata. This service gives an affordable list of charges to its customers so that they may have the best option at a low expense.

3. In-time Deliveries | Navata Transport Tracking With LR Number

The Navata SMS, email, and call service tell you the exact delivery time of the product and you know, this is never wrong. However, bad weather conditions, heavy storms, or any natural disasters can block the service. So your cooperation of you needs to help you get to the root problem.

4. Huge and Multiple Warehouses | Navata Transport Tracking With LR Number

Usually, the transport companies which damage the customer’s luggage or lose them, do not have good warehouses. Or they possess a small warehouse. Here in the Navata Warehouses, you can see the variety and the efficiency to help keep the products safe and sound. Also, it helps to better collect and distribute the products in any particular area.

5. Far-off deliveries | Navata Transport Tracking With LR Number

A very noticeable pin about this transport service is that it can pick up and drop services in far-off places like Rajasthan. A few services offer this product so why not pick Navata first?

6. Third-party policies | Navata Transport Tracking With LR Number

There is a good association between Navata and a few 3rd company agents. These third parties help collect the cash and assign a suitable location for the people who buy them.

Navata Transport Tracking Online With The LR Number:

While you have a delivery to track, you receive a receipt from Navata. It has a certain date on t and the LR number on it. To check the Tracking online on your device, you should search “Navata Transport Booking Tracking Online”. Then go to the Navata Tracking official site. Or simply click on the below button.

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Here, you will see two dialogue boxes one for the tracking number and one for the date. You should enter both successively and then you may see the location on the tracking website.


So dear all, today’s TechsTV blog: “Navata Transport Tracking With LR Number” Not only the location, but you can also refresh the time you will receive the consignment and also the delay if there is any. If you want to read more TechsTV blogs about online tracking, do follow us on Pinterest, and also visit this page frequently to know the latest updates on every tech issue.


Q1: Where is the Head office of Navata Road Transport Service?

The address to the head office of Navata Transport is :

“D.No.18-667, Boss Buildings, Kunaru, Vijayawada-520007, Andhra Pradesh”

Q2: What is the customer support phone number for this transport service?

The customer support service for this transport is available on the phones: 0866-6638786, and 9248094455.

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