How Do You Identify The Adidas Originals Track Pants?

Adidas has fame in the world of clothing and styles. Whenever there is a need for sports stuff like shoes, tracksuits, track pants, and tops, Adidas is the best. Unfortunately, most of the sellers around sell fake Adidas items. So, we are going to teach you: How do you identify the Adidas originals track pants? Scroll and read quickly to learn this skill in minutes!

Here, we are going to mention ten tips to distinguish designer Adidas from fake. 

Let’s start now:

1. Check the Logo for Adidas originals track pants

The very first thing everyone checks for the first is Adidas Logo. The logo on the originals Adidas track pants are not printed on both sides of the trousers. Only one single logo is printed or embroidered on the left side of the originals Adidas pants. 

If you focus on the printing pattern, the pattern is perfectly smooth and has a perfect design.  While a fake one will have errors in printing with an extra or less stripe. Even if the logo is perfect in looks, the paint quality will tell you a lot about the original product.

The original Adidas paint logo retains itself for a longer period of time and is not very easy to scratch off with nails. The fake logo, on the other hand, has a very poor paint quality and can rub off on the first wash.

If the logo is in embroidery, you must check the thread and the strength of the embroidery. Give a few jerks to the cloth by flipping the logo. You see, the original logo will have no effect on the pattern but the old and weak threads of the fake product can break upon doing this.

2. Check the track pants pocket zips for Buying Adidas originals track pants

Next, you must check the originals Adidas track pants pockets and the zips. The size of original track pants is small in size, with no threads or beads, and don’t have loops on them. The size of the fake zips is also mediocre, not small. 

Now carefully check the embankments on the zips. The upper side of the zip has an Adidas small mountain raised logo and the bottom side will show you a fine embossing. The embossing will show the brand that manufactures zips for Adidas. The brand spells its name on the bottom of the zips as “IDEAL”. The fake brands over-smartly emboss “ADIDAS” on both sides and also hand a loop with the zip. Nice try, but the experts know to identify!

3. Observe Adida’s three stripes to buy adidas originals track pants

Time to observe the stripe pattern and Stitching. Stretch out the pants on a flat surface and now move your hand over it to remove any air space beneath the layers and to spread the wrinkled cloth if it is. You can observe now the three parallel stripes that come vertically down with the length of the pants.

Feel with your fingers and use a ruler to measure the space between the stripes. They will be equally spaced if they are original ones and will be randomly cut and show rough stitching if they are fake.

You can also closely note the thread pattern to see if the stitches are uniform, and smooth, and show equal space or not. A fake product locks these minor details.

4. Internal Stitching and finishing for Adidas originals track pants

Now flip the originals of the track pants and behold the internal finishing. In the case of the original pants, the internal stitching is fine with no thread lumps and thread outlets. The interior is fully overlocked and the pockets are as well.

So if you compare it with a fake product, you can see how bad the internal designs are. In fact, fake manufacturers don’t bother with the comfort of the interior. All safety precautions are included in this article “How do you identify the Adidas originals track pants?”, just read it carefully.

5. Internal tags:

You know every pair of pants carries the tag of the manufacturer company, so the one from Adidas will also. Flip the track pants or just check the interior of the top by opening it. There is not a single tag but would be 3-4 that company staples together.

Therefore, the first one would mention the flag of the country where Adidas made it and the others will show the washing instructions, QR code, and the manufacture date. The instructions on tags are in various languages instead of one.

And one most important thing, there are no tags on the interior with a logo or name. So the tags are extremely smooth and soft; one can wear pants without removing the labels. 

A fake product would show a few bad-quality tags with no proper printed information. Also, it will neither possess a QR code nor a manufacturer’s flag.

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6. Check the QR code:

The QR code will take you to the original product you ordered via QR scanning. Use a digital app on your Android or iPhone and reach the exact location of the product you ordered or picked from. 

A fake product will, however, won’t have any QR code.

7. Serial Number:

The products on Adidas have a serial number which they get when they are in process of selling out or packing. The serial number, too, has its print on one of the tags on the interior of the track pants. Trace it to confirm the product you ordered. 

8. Quality of the fabric:

The fabric of the originals Adidas track pants is stiff but soft and has an original shine. It may be of nylon, cotton, or any other synthetic material but the material is never rough or old in look.

You can see the fabric composition on the tags that it contains. Plus the fabric is good to take the sweat tests of the player or runner. A fake product usually does not fulfill these standards.

9. Quality of Tiers and looseners:

So here are removable tiers and looseners that hang to the waist of Adidas track pants. The fake ones may be in permanent stitching. However, this is not a very good test to see if the product is real. This is because most track pants have removable tiers and looseners and her is no particular distinction in the design. 

10. Handsome Price:

Remember, Adidas products are never so cheap. So if someone is offering you fake pants it may be very surprisingly cheap. So shop from authentic websites and stores to buy original stuff. 


So this was all about “How do you identify the Adidas originals track pants?”. We strongly hope that you are now ready to buy an Adidas original product and you can also choose the best one and the real one for you. If you are investing, you must get a good quality product. So learn the tactics and try on new shopping!


Why does Adidas have two logos?

When Adidas came into existence, it had only one logo. With time it started launching sports products as well. So there are separate logos on sports products and on fashion products.

Why is the company name Adidas?

It is actually from the name of the developer: Adolf Dessler which changed into   Adidas; Adi is his nickname and Das from the surname. 


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