Android 12 Lock Screen Clock You Cannot Miss This

Is the Android 12 Lock Screen Clock updated or outdated? Android and iPhone users welcome the updates that arise from time to time on their phones to ensure the optimized functionality and physiology of the OS. So look here for the Android 12 Lock Screen Clock-You Cannot Miss This!

The updates are beneficial for a huge sect of people and are bothering others with respect to a few drawbacks. So we are here, going to take a review of the Android 12 Lock Screen Clock- the recent update for Android users.


Just like Android features the phone with hundreds of updates on the whole system so one happened to the lock screen. The Android time display that users usually customize in every phone is now pushed to a huge size with a two-line split display, in Android 12, which sounds awkward at first.

Certainly, the Android 12 Lock Screen Clock is a big electronic gossip that everyone discusses on all social platforms like Twitter, quora, Fb, ask, etc. Not only is it first wondered about by everyone but also it is the simulation of the production of apps, methodologies, and techniques to make it smaller or customize it the other way around.

Furthermore, there are huge fandom bubbles of people who love this Android 12 Lock Screen Clock even if it is a biggie and wants t to retain this forever. Let’s see how Android 12 users have to cope with this update and all the positives and negatives related to this fascinating or horrifying update respectively.

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What Is The Appearance Of The Android 12 Lock Screen Clock?

The android big clock is now covering the whole lock screen. It’s dividing time representing hours on top and minutes right below it. This hinders the other notified time, date, and weather notification to glitter on the screen. You cannot see the weather condition that used to appear right below the time and the date plus the day of the week on the lock screen all the time. 

You would have to definitely unlock the phone every time you need to know the details. So this was all about the “big” trouble that arose for the Android users. When the Lock Screen Clock Update arrived and you see it is really very tiny in fact. 

The same brand of Android that is the Android 12, the lock screen cock is not always huge. What makes it small then? Let’s conceive this mystery. Plus we will get you all the benefits that this big screen clock brought with it.

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Why Does the Android 12 Lock Screen Clock Look Normal Sometimes?

Despite the updated feature of the time display, this clock looks tiny and normal sometimes. This happens without installing any update and using any other lock screen clock-controlling app. 

This is an interesting story in fact. The notification in the inbox setup of your phone is actually the cause due to which the time font shrinks and drags itself to the corner of the lock screen just read very carefully about the Android 12 Lock Screen Clock-You Cannot Miss This!

How Does Android 12 Lock Screen Clock Sound Lovely?

You see whenever there is a notification waiting for our attention on the phone, the time clock appears small. This is a silent message for you to know to focus on it first. All the notifications can scroll down to the lock screen on your clicks without the interference of the huge time.

And whenever there is no notification on your phone, the lock screen shows the normal font of the time. That is huge and saying: “Focus on time because it is precious”. Isn’t that cute? Of course, it is for the majority of Android 12 users.

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How can I reduce the size of the Android 12 lock screen lock if I want to switch it?

This is so easy, check out the social media tips or search it on the internet. You will get multiple solutions. Plus you can have many glorious apps on Play Stores so that you can install the one on yours. 

Does the big screen clock show an alarm setup with it or not?

No, this feature is actually rare on most phones. You can have other apps to have this feature on your Android screen if you like.


We always observe in our life: “There is nothing bad or good. It’s the perception that makes it so”. So I would say that the big screen clock is a really nice thing to the Android features and this is what distinguishes it from others.

Therefore, this is the reason I do not have to unlock my screen for only the purpose that I want to check whether there is a notification or not. It is an excellent notification encrypted message that I welcome warm-heartedly. Oops,  My phone is showing a small time now, so I gotta go now!

Goodbye, friends.

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